All of our programs build from the AFTH Youth Harp Program. This means all new facilities must start with the AFTH Youth Harp Program as a prequisite, before registering for the other AFTH After School Programs.  Why?  Because, the harp will be used as an integral tool in the other programs! Artz for the Harp, integrates harp instruction through the arts!

AFTH Youth Harp Program:

60 minute instructional session
A class set of 10 to 12 harps
All instructional materials
A facilitator and assistant (for larger class sizes)
Max of 24 students per class (ages 6yrs - 12yrs)

Bonus:  Recita/ showcase at end of session package

AFTH-Voice Instruction

Voice Lessons/ Solo & Group
All instructional materials
A Facilitator
30 min session ( private sessions) or

60 min session ( group instruction)

Bonus:  Talent Showcase at the end of 6 to 8 weeks session packages

Artz for the Harp provides after school music enrichment programs to facilities throughout Atlanta and the surrounding areas! Our programs were created to supplement current arts programming, as well as provide access to facilities located in underserved arts areas. We currently offer three unique builder programs:

AFTH Youth Harp Program
AFTH Music Technology Program
AFTH Voice Program

​Listed below are the components of each program!

AFTH After School Programs

AFTH- Music Technology Program:

60 minute session
6 to 8 IPADS/Music Software
All instructional materials
A facilitator/ assistant
Max 12 students per session (ages 7yrs- 12yrs)

Bonus:  Students will leave with demo recordings they have created and composed music files!

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