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Below is an in-depth chart that intricately explains how playing and listening to music positively affects the different parts of the brain!

Benefits of Music Instruction:

There are numerous studies that have proven the benefits of an arts enriched education.  Listed below are some of the well known facts and benefits of implementing a music enrichment program such as ours to your current offerings!

Group music lessons provide invaluable benefits such as: improved cognitive attributes in the areas of problem solving, math, organization, study skills, communication and memory. The study of music has also been proven to aid in developing creativity, increase perseverance, confidence, discipline and improve self-esteem.

The advantages of private music lessons include personalized lessons to meet the needs of the individual student, which will in turn maximize his or her progress. Private lessons will also enable the student to discover and develop their own unique learning and playing style. This notion is further supported in Gardeners “Theory of Multiple Intelligences,1995 which suggests that the arts play a crucial role in improving student’s abilities to learn, because they draw on a range of intelligences and learning styles.

Now that we’ve talked about some of the positives of playing the harp, here are some of the therapeutic effects of just listening to harp music.  These facts have been documented through thorough research and also notated in my thesis on, “The Use of Music to Positively Modify the Behaviors of Identified Deviant Behavioral Students.” Research shows that beyond harp music’s ability to alter one’s mood and behavior, it  also has the ability to reduce blood pressure, heart rate, anxiety, pain and evoke positive emotions.However, these are just a few of the documented studies that support the advantages of music enrichment programs. Artz for the Harp uses continual research to make sure our students thoroughly enjoy the benefits of a creative music program, which provides them with a positive outlet and very necessary outlet for artistic expression through harp.