Thank you to our sponsors!

Artz for the Harp Corporation is a non-profit public benefit 501(c) (3) Organization registered with the state of Georgia.  All donations will go towards the sustainment of our community youth and senior harp programs, and toward our Angel Harp Program which provides harps and free harp lessons, classes and camps to students in hospitals, shelters, and long term care facilities. 

Your donation is tax-deductible, and you will receive a letter for your records. Your personal, honorary or memorial donation will allow us to continue to provide instruments and quality music education programs to those who need us most!

If you would like to donate one our packages to a youth or senior organization,  you may do so by contacting us directly. Upon completion, you will receive your donation thank you letter for your records, and information on when services will take place.

This program, as well as other reputable music programs are contacted frequently by  after-school program directors who see their students in desperate need of music  enrichment because their schools, or community centers no longer offer them due to funding.  These programs have the ability to engage students and provide them with a meaningful skill that will transfer into other areas of their lives.

If you can not donate at this time, please consider being a future volunteer because there are many ways you can still help and make a difference.


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